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Master The THREE Most Vital Parts Necessary to Build a Large Successful Online Direct Marketing Business

As a top producer in the direct marketing industry both offline and online for 28 years with several #1 producer positions, I can help you make sense of this business and get it off the ground the right way.   There are people in this industry for whom success was luck or coincidental. I’m not one of them. Believe me, I’ve had my times of failure while learning the ropes of this business. Initially, I went through nearly two years of struggle and tribulations, making pennies before I cracked the multiple-six-figure code.

Today, the internet plays a huge role in this industry and I teach people in direct sales and network marketing how to build their business by generating  leads with social media and online marketing strategies. I also teach the written and verbal communication skills that increase you sales and sponsoring skills. This is a crucial skill, if you want to make the most out of you hard-earned leads.

Are you ready to make it happen? Are you determined to increase your  ability to market and finally reach your ultimate personal and financial goal?

I’m absolutely convinced that a lot of people give up too soon, heartbroken and discouraged, not because of unwillingness, or lack of application, but because of misdirection, confusion and lack of know how.

Many come to the internet looking for success. Yeah, the internet is a fantastic tool! But it’s also loaded with traps, misinformation and especially improvised coaches that “sell information,” but don’t build a business in the real world. They don’t do what they teach. They are like simulator pilots that never flu a real plane, yet they teach other people how. Their information is biased by the need to make info-product sales and many times completely wrong.

riccardo ferrariThe first step to your success is to find a competent mentor that keeps you focused, away from sales schemes and information overload and has the knowledge to guide you step by step, efficiently and expediently in mastering the 3 most important parts of this business. the parts that build a real long term business.

1. Generate quality real-time leads.

You can’t succeed without really good direct sales and  MLM leads. You must learn to generate a steady flow of leads day in, day out. New prospects are the life and blood of this business.  When you generate enough prospects, you will learn sooner and make more money faster. Facebook alone has millions of people looking for the right home business every day. The internet has become the richest lead generation space on the planet.

2. Call your leads the same day.

Don’t let them go cold. Timing is everything in business. People online are bombarded with information and opportunities. Making a personal contact ASAP is simply smart business. Call your leads today, tomorrow is second best and the next day it’s just not good.

3. Learn how to communicate, connect and enroll/train as many new reps as possible.

Communication is both an art and a science. You must constantly improve your communication and enrolling skills. You must make your hard-earned MLM leads pay off and close 10% to 30% or more of them. I highly recommend you learn from the legendary Jeffery Combs, my friend and favorite communication, sales and success coach.

Show me a successful marketer and I will show you a person who is fully locked and loaded into doing these three things. Personally I put all my weight  and focus on it, and I’ve been producing very large teams all along.

Guess which of those three parts marketers have the most challenge with? You guessed it, #1 – generating quality, real-time leads. The other two activities are also very important, but most people are most challenged by generating leads. This is why it’s important and vital to have the right marketing system.

And you know, you’ve got to solve this problem because it totally controls your business. Leads are the drug of marketing. It’s like insulin to a diabetic.

Home business seekers and direct marketers are online by the millions, looking to connect with people who can help them. The internet makes it possible to reach these people in real time and communicate your sales message. If you are not using the internet to massively sort, sift and separate those who are interested in your opportunity from those who are not, your business is not firing on all cylinders.

There is nothing like the internet to promote your personal brand, communicate your entire message massively and generate MLM leads. And it’s really not rocket science. I can help you to simplify the whole process.

Albert Einstein once said: “Knowledge is a collection of facts, wisdom lies in their simplification.” I love this statement because without clarity and simplicity nobody can become successful. What I teach is the product of 3 decades of experience in the trenches at generating quality leads and building direct sales organizations, done in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

So, take action! Fill the form on this blog and let me take you by the hand so you can start generating quality MLM leads and building you business today.  

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To Your Success!

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riccardo ferrari

Riccardo Ferrari is a former naval engineer. For years worked in the maritime industry as an officer on cruise ships. He is in direct marketing full time since 28 years and become the #1 income earner in five major direct marketing companies and several internet ventures. Along the way, worked as VP and senior consultant for several companies, some were owned by billionaires, doctors and celebrities.