5linx Review- Industry Leader Reviews 5Linx

5linx has become a leader in telecommunications because of their distribution, just like Walmart. 5linx moves their products and services through leveraged distribution (Network Marketing).


5linx Review

Product and services vary from cellular tele-com to satellite TV- in-home security systems and internet services.

Started 2001 in Rochester, New York, 5linx brings a unique selling proposition to the industry. The services they offer everyone has, they sell a program to “save money” which only works when people switch over from their mobile carrier.

Recently 5linx was added to the Inc. 500 list and is currently expanding operations in Canada and Africa. Although never made a huge impact in the United States, the competition with monopolized carriers became difficult, more on this later.

Craig Jerabeck, Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck are the founders and current corporate leaders. Each bring different expertise when it comes to organizing, building and managing a network marketing business. Former top producers Jeb & Jason both attribute tremendous amounts of excitement and network marketing experience to the entire network of 5linx distributors.

Pros and Cons Of 5linx:

5linx has holes, one is being involved in the competitive industry of telecommunications. Everyday 5linx distributors battle major carriers, hidden fees and never ending rules & regulations. The real money in 5linx is created by lots of people recruiting, but remember residual income is created through both efforts, recruiting and acquiring customers.

5linx does have an advantage over major brand carriers, they can reward representatives for referring customers, when did your mobile carrier pay you last? This is the beauty of being involved in leveraged distribution, see it as owning your own mobile brand with thousands of stores producing huge amounts of sales for you, without risking your hard earned money.

When comparing 5linx to health orientated mlm companies, many find 5linx easier to sell because the popularity of the products and services. It comes down to approaching anyone with a mobile phone, giving them benefits to switch over, and then you earn a residual on their monthly bill.

5linx is a respectable company. They provide a legitimate business opportunity and brings unique products to the market. If you are completely sold on 5linx, I encourage you to read more about how to generate free mlm leads for your business without having to stress about prospects and cashflow ever again.

I look forward to hearing about your success, if you want more training on how to build your 5linx business online, start by reading my Free Report (Click Here).

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