A Closer Look at Home Wealth University

What Lessons Will You Learn from Home Wealth University

Home Wealth University is an MLM opportunity that made a buzz in late 2009, but has only recently caught my attention. The reason to this is because I’m not that easily swayed by new opportunities. This is going to be a fleeting review of the opportunity, while non-biased nonetheless.

I am not endorsing the company or a competitor of it. The Home Wealth University review springs from an unattached onlooker’s own precept of the opportunity we call “Home Wealth University”.

Let’s begin by understanding Home Wealth University. HWU is a profit opportunity that offers training and courses, thus the name. The company offers digital training modules out together by experts in their expert fields, some you can be familiar with (Jack Humphrey, Jerry Clark, Michael Glaspie, Mike Enos, etc.).

These experts will coach you in network marketing strategies, information marketing, blogging, real estate, and many others. I also found it to be created by systems expert Ben Glinsky.

Now, the concept seems wonderful as training and information are necessary when in the MLM industry. It is definitely helpful especially for beginners of network marketing who are still feeling their way around the craft.

The program is inexpensive with a one-time fee of $30, but it’s not so “one-time” as you also would pay $29.95 every month succeeding it. This relatively low-priced fee makes it not so risky for a serious MLM entrepreneur since they would be attending trainings and seminars either way. Other digital training offered by other companies are even more expensive.

Home Wealth University Residual Income Overview

The quality of the information to my assessment is amazing and absolutely instructive and when implemented will surely reap a good MLM harvest for you. The Home Wealth University Compensation Plan is another important thing to look at – the Double Acceleration Matrix.

There are two spots that fill up simultaneously-the Company Master Matrix and (your) Team Matrix. There are 4 other ways to earn from fast start bonuses, matching bonuses, Forced Matrix commissions (3%) on both spots, and a power pool bonus based on the company’s total profit.

You can either wait for your matrix to fill up or you can also direct traffic from your branded websites to the HWU website. But I would deeply suggest that before you consider the HWU opportunity, you need to evaluate if these are people you want to trust acquiring strategies from. Otherwise, finding your personal mentor, which I quintessentially stress you choose wisely, will also do the same for you.

Your mentor is who you will trust to provide you worthwhile life and MLM lessons. Listening to too many people at times is seriously baffling like a psychotic case of hearing voices in your head.

Keep your integrity, and if you believe Home Wealth University is “THE” opportunity, if you appreciate their business, and if you prefer their compensation plan and hopefully will rocket you to earn a 6-7 figure income, make sure you enjoy while you’re at it.

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