A Review of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

Will The Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Website Really Make You Money?

If you’re one of the many who are seeking information about Fortune Hi-Tech online, this article will give an overview about the company’s corporate website which will be beneficial should one decide to enter this venture.

Like thousands of other MLM opportunity sites, FHTM.net is confusing. Upon visiting the site, one can’t help but wonder whether he/she is supposed to buy products, read press releases made by the company or enroll at their business.

If a representative will send a prospect to a website like theirs, a follow-up is needed to make sure that his/her client understands what the company is about and if they have ample information about the products or services being offered. Since business and product information are mixed together, it is hard to determine which is which. This is the website’s downside.

At the menu options, there’s a corporate contact yet there are no other mechanisms for engagement, such as social networking sites, nor even an email newsletter invitation. Convincing testimonials from past representatives can be found, however, locating distributors isn’t featured at the site. The site doesn’t also indicate how to be a Fortune Hi-Tech representative. Prospects would have to make do with searching the ‘contact’ form if they want to locate a distributor at their area who can answer their inquiries.

When it comes to an online corporate brochure, Fortune Hi-Tech doesn’t disappoint. However, to fully convince anyone to part with their $299 (or more) to start this venture can be quite challenging since there are lots of gaps to fill in before they can be moved to invest.

If we tackle the subject of company offerings, one of the services offered monthly by FHTM is called Office Assistant. For $24.99, it features video email system for follow-up or splash video page. There’s no mention if it has multiple landing pages, auto responders or customization options.

The downside to this type of corporate brochure is that it’s too common with MLM businesses. Consumers nowadays are looking for more creative, interactive and engaging videos or audio online. They’ll likely go to another site if they don’t find the website eye catching or easy to navigate.

If a marketer wants to generate interest to gain momentum in his/her MLM business and wants to do it interactively, then he/she needs cutting edge marketing tools that make use of the latest technologies online to gain leverage over competition. Communicating with prospects is also effective in establishing a loyal clientele. Email messengers, Skype and other auto responder systems namely GetResponse or Aweber can be used.

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