ACN Review- ACN Reviewed By Industry Top Producer

ACN also known as “The world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications services” is a respected network marketing company with several multi-million dollar earners.

ACN Telecommunications

ACN-Reviewed By Industry Multi-million Producer

ACN opened its doors in 1993 and has grown to a $500 million dollar company with distributors in 20 different countries, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, and parts of Europe.


Corporate leadership plays a major role in the success of a network marketing company. ACN was founded by 4 entrepreneurs: Greg Provenzno, Robert Stevanski, Mike Cupisz, and Tony Cupisz. Each bring a tremendous amount of network marketing experience to the entire ACN representative network.

ACN Products & Services:

ACN provides unique VOIP services, bundled together with high speed internet, video phones , satellite-TV and in-home security systems. Americas communication network is only a reseller of other established services for example: ACN satellite TV is resold from the DIRECT-TV and DISHNETWORK platforms,  the mobile side of ACN only extends customers contracts if they have AT&T-TMOBILE-SPRINT-VERIZON.

You still get access to the latest Blackberry, Iphone and Andriod phones, but the most popular product is the video phone. Through a small device you can chat and see a friend in a different country, of course the friend must have a video phone for  full functionalities to work but its definitely a great experience.

ACN Compensation Plan:

The ACN compensation plan is very difficult to explain in simple words, its not the best compensation plan either, I personally wouldn’t align myself with it. The pay-plan a 7-level multi-tiered structure with many restrictions and qualifications for any type of advancement. The money is made my continuous recruiting and customer acquisition. Acquiring customers through ACN is a whole lot different than selling vitamins.

There isn’t much distributor profit when you switch a person from T-Mobile billing to ACN’s billing, or when you sell a video phone service plan, its pennies. In today’s economy you need a compensation plan that an average JOE can plug into and instantly begin to generate a profit, with ACN’s model many will fall out because of the qualifications and maintenance required to continue earning income.

Donald Trump ACN Endorsement:

On March 22,2009 Donald Trumps “Celebrity Apprentice” featured ACN co-founders Greg Provenzano and Tony Cupisz showcasing the ACN Iris 3000 video phone.

Previously, at several ACN conventions Donald Trump spoke and shared how impressed he is with ACN products and services it brings to market. Mr. Trump spoke highly and shared the following words with thousands of representatives:

“ACN provides people with products and services they already use”, “You don’t have to convince people to use them”

Will the endorsement of Donald Trump make you a ACN millionaire? Most likely not, what will is your ability to generate free mlm leads for your acn business click here to learn more.

ACN is a respectable network marketing company, all companies have their holes but you should really ask yourself if telecommunications is the right industry? Or will you be competing against 4 major monopolies, contract fees and corporate scandals.

If you plan to build a serious ACN business, its imperative you learn how to generate free mlm leads online without having to spending money.

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