AdzZoo Review-A Confusing Business Model?

AdzZoo claims to be known as the company “Taming The Internet One Click At A Time,” is a Florida-based network marketing venture that brings online advertising to local business owners.

AdzZoo Reviewed By Industry Top Producer

AdzZoo Unbiased Review

AdzZoo provides small business owners with local online advertising campaigns, giving the “little guy” an opportunity to compete directly with the major chains and corporations on a local level.

AdzZoo Corporate Leadership:

While the internet has changed the face of business marketing forever, AdzZoo co-founders Don Rutt and Shawn Hallman saw an opportunity and created a unique company around a very hungry niche of consumers (small business owners).

Each corporate leader brings extensive direct selling experience. A majority of corporate leaders were previously top producers in A.L Williams, being trained under Arthur Williams Jr.

AdzZoo representatives have the privilege of being taught and trained under the industries best practices and principles creating success in network marketing.

AdzZoo Product & Services:

Adzzoo offers business owners direct and targeted internet marketing in the form of optimized web pages designed to maximize online exposure, geo-targeting matching local business with local searches. Google maps and mobile marketing are the latest strategies AdzZoo is implementing for business owners.

Now I have to say, anyone has access to online advertising platforms, you can open a Google adwords account for $5.00 and they will walk you through the process of setting up a campaign geo-targeting your local city.

As a business owner myself, I would rather do my own marketing. It’s really the only way to maximize your return on investment and learn from your errors. There are an unlimited amount of angles you can utilize when approaching online marketing. My advice is to always educate yourself first before outsourcing to a company who is only Google Adwords certified, not an official reseller (AdzZoo).

AdzZoo Confusing Compensation Plan:

Finding AdzZoo ‘s compensation plan was a difficult task, I was not impressed, the main corporate website doesn’t mention or even link to a presentation explaining the pay structure. I had to google search “Adzzoo compensation plan” and was finally able to find a very rough overview that stated the following:

AdzZoo ‘s compensation plan is a multi-tiered structure with the highest point being a “Manager”. Profits are strictly created by recruiting and selling advertising packages to consumers. Fast start bonuses are only earned when a package sale is made, override commissions are evenly distributed to upline members. The average sale is $900.00, however there are basic local packages starting at $119.95 per month, to regional and national packages¬† starting at $700.00 per month.

Can AdzZoo provide long-term stable residual income? My personal opinion is no, because you’re dealing with a very small market of business owners who do not understand the importance of marketing. I’ve also seen the Ad campaigns and websites many AdzZoo clients have, they look like a novice put them together. The websites are not created for direct response, they’re thrown out on the web without any copywriting or professional graphics.

I’m not saying you CAN’T make money, because anyone can if you have enough free MLM leads pouring into your email box before you wake up. Working AdzZoo you will need a lot of them.

In fact, if you want to learn how to generate free MLM leads, read the following blog post (Click Here).

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