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facebook for businessFacebook for business has become one unavoidable marketing need.

I believe that using Facebook for business is a great way to get new leads. But it does so much more than that. It expands your personal brand and social network, which are real tangible assets. You can’t deny the opportunity when you count nearly 1.5 billion of users on Facebook.

After watching over 100 hours of video course from major Social Media experts —Mari Smith, Joe Barnes, Amy Potterfield, Michelle Pescosolido and a few others — and working Facebook for years, I am more motivated than ever to take my business on larger scale on Facebook. Using Facebook for business expansion online is a must. Today people in network marketing “sponsor shop.” You either have a brand, an image, a voice and a message or you are competitively handicapped.

I have arrived at a set of rules and a flow that is really working for me. Although you will find it simple at the end, you have to go through the details the cover the social media model, the tools available and what works in the real world. There is no way you can figure everything out yourself unless you plan to spend many hours watching videos and 6 months to a year experimenting with everything.

I share the secrets of how to use Facebook for business (specifically your network marketing business) in this short but power-packed guide that can save you a lot of time and money.

  • How to set up your Facebook pages the right way…why most people do it wrong!
  • How to understand Facebook completely
  • What content works best to get more likes and comments
  • The best way to friend people and skip the Facebook limit
  • How to make facebook show your content to more people
  • Word-by-word conversation how to prospect and enroll friend in your network marketing business
  • Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads
  • How to force Facebook to give you the cheapest rates for your ads, so you make more money than you spend
  • The funnels that work specifically in Facebook The day to day posting schedule and content


Facebook For Business

There are an estimated 40 million network marketing reps on Facebook . Plenty of leads right? I consider it the #1 tool for lead generation. Of course a blog and YouTube are also very powerful. Social media can look complicated at first, but really isn’t. Of course, there are important details you need to know. Those who came before you have a lot to share and frankly you should listen. It’s the best way to shorten the learning curve and avoid mistakes.

The are also limitation that you need to how to get around them.

1. The organic reach is pretty close to nothing

Jeff Bullas, a leading social media expert, estimates the organic reach of Facebook is around 2.71 percent, or less. So if you have 1,000 friends, only around 27 will see your posts.
More and more, we’re seeing Facebook move to a “pay to play” model. Getting your business to pay to reach your audience is how Facebook generates profits for its shareholders. To build a business for free on Facebook, you must master the art of personal engagement, which can be highly rewarding and move your business forward very fast.

2. People are tired of being pitched and sold to on social media

People log in to social media to socialize and for a little entertainment, not to buy anything. People what want to buy stuff now hit Google not Facebook. People log in to see what their sister just did, catch up with friends, watch funny videos, and let friends know what’s going on in their life. They realize they will get sold to on social media but there comes a point when it’s too much.
A person who are interested in your business “liked” your Facebook Business Page and has given you permission to tell them about your business . But, if it’s your personal page, they’re not looking for a never-ending sales pitch. You must learn “selling without selling” and how calibrate business posts with social posts. There is an art and a science to this. There is a way to make people come to you.
3. Social media platforms are theirs, not yours

Someone following you on Facebook is Facebook’s potential customer, not yours. Yes, they’re following you, but Facebook has their name, email address, and controls what they see from you.
They can change the post reach algorithms any day. This year (2014) it went for 16% down to 6% and now down to 2.7%. Maybe it can even drop to zero. What then? So you must have a strategy for maximum engagement and transfer your friends to optin your email list. Email marketing still beats social media marketing any day of the week.

Email marketing is still the best way to reach your present and future customers. Social media provides a great, and mostly “free” way to reach people, but people still respond best to email.In 2013, 3.6 billion people had email accounts, according to Jeff Bullas . It’s estimated that by 2016, that number will increase to 4.3 billion people. While social media has huge numbers, so does email.Social media friends and followers are limited by what these platforms allow them to see, but 100 percent of the people on your email list receive your emails. When you interact with the people on your website and email list, you have multiple opportunities to create life-long customers for your business.

Having said that, using Facebook for business is the most powerful lead generation tool because it puts you face to face taking to prospects immediately. And if you follow the instruction in this document I prepared, Facebook Marketing A to Z,  you will never run out of prospects and you will quickly expand your visibility and circle of influence.

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