Facebook Marketing: The Time To Master Facebook Marketing Is Now!

facebook marketingFacebook marketing, whether free or paid must absolutely become a big part of your network marketing strategy.

When Google started selling ads, there was a long period of chaos. At first they didn’t even sell Pay Per Click, it was Pay Per Impression only. It actually took more than 2 years before things really began to come together.

With Facebook it took even longer. About four years.  But they have gotten their formula together and it is working fabulously well. Facebook is headed for the stratosphere. Facebook  marketing is the new Google.

Facebook marketing: The time to master it is RIGHT NOW.

With the invariable changes affecting all social media platforms, there has never been a better time to take advantage of Facebook marketing. Not next fall. Not 2 years from now. But right now.  Facebook has the most favorable environment for our industry right now. Don’t wait until Facebook copies the “Goggle Slaps” that took our industry out of Google AdWords. Most likely it wont’ happen because Facebook is more lenient to our industry. But you never know.

Facebook has developed a warm, communal, high-trust environment. If it’s on Facebook it’s trusted. Facebook is about connections and transparency. Today is all about being in the open. There are big fortunes to be made on Facebook. You will not make them by sitting on the sidelines.

Using your personal profile in a smart way (and follow good rules), you can make loads of new contacts every day. And the Facebook Business Page has become the most accurate and powerful  targeting advertising platform online. The Facebook ads targeting system is simply unparalleled.

I  will arm you to the teeth with actionable so you get MORE LEADS and MORE PAYING CUSTOMERS at LESS COST than any other advertising medium, online or off.

The “social media hype” has burned off, evaporated. What’s left is the realities and opportunities of 21st century business. Master Facebook marketing those and you’ll never go hungry.

How do you get started?

Download my free Facebook Marketing A-to-Z ebook. It will give you a full understanding of how Facebook works and how to set it up correctly. It’s 32 pages of power-packed information, on how to get started and prosper on Facebook. It’s the product of over 100 hours or watching videos, months of experimentation and thousand of dollars I spent on Facebook advertising.

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Riccardo Ferrari is a former naval engineer. For years worked in the maritime industry as an officer on cruise ships. He is in direct marketing full time since 28 years and become the #1 income earner in five major direct marketing companies and top earner in several internet ventures. Along the way, worked as VP and senior consultant for several companies. Some were owned by billionaires, doctors and celebrities.