Fortune Hi-Tech Slipping In The MLM Industry

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing To Be Trusted?

There are many fraud accusations and complaints about multilevel marketing ventures. One such company is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, a network marketing group that has existed since 2001. This article will examine the controversies surrounding the business as well as give readers a clear grasp of what the company is.

FHTM is not a BBB member, the Central and Eastern Kentucky Better Business Bureau indicates online. As of March 2010, it rated the company B- noting the venture’s size, volume and number of client transactions which has a direct impact on the number of filed complaints.

There have been 39 complaints received by this company in the last 3 years, at present however, the total has been 16. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing brings 400-500 new representatives daily to keep this in check. Considering their number, complaints are relatively low for this company.

For allegations regarding violations of consumer fraud, transient merchant, North Dakota Schemes Act and Solicitation Sales Law, the North Dakota Attorney General’s office filed a case against the company in December of 2009. FHTM then worked out an assurance of voluntary compliance with the Atty. General’s office 30 days later.

As a result of this voluntary agreement, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing was not barred from operating in the state of North Dakota. There was also no proof that the company neither violated any law nor admitted their guilt for their solicitation practices.

Can Fortune Hi-Tech Be Considered A Legitimate Opportunity?

Real products and services are being offered by this venture. These include cell phone plans, internet telephone service, nutritional supplements and travel discounts. In this essence, FHTM doesn’t fit any definition of a pyramid scheme.

However, considering that the reps are independent, at any given time, it isn’t known whether outlandish income claims are being made. A company with a thousand or more individuals working for them can be misrepresented.

MLM business opportunities are legitimate venues for promoting and selling of services as well as products to consumers.  When a venture however emphasizes more on procuring distributors than customers who’ll buy the products/services offered, this is where a MLM opportunity morphs into a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes focus on making money by selling the opportunity to recruit others than actually marketing any merchandise, hence, it’s considered illegitimate.

Legitimate businesses are built on a foundation of trust to its customers. Both products and services should be able to deliver its promise to its consumers who utilize it on a daily basis since they believe it will work for them. False advertising practices should be discouraged since it tantamount to cheating honest folk out of their paychecks.

Stay far and away from overpriced fad opportunities and stick with businesses which will give you ample and steady revenues.

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