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How To Expose Your Business With Forums Marketing.

forums-marketingThe main benefit to being involved in marketing forums is creating a network to find prospects and learn more about your business and your industry.

No matter how much we would like to believe it, we don’t know everything. And one of the best places to go to get helpful information are online forums like ForumKnowHow.

With patience and consistency you can build something great with forums. Many millionaire online network marketers started in marketing forums.

There are 4 major reasons why people use marketing forums, or bulletin boards as they are also called.

1) They can get advice: for example – to get their site reviewed, to ask for opinions about a product before purchasing or about a business opportunity or a program they plan to join.
2) They can discover new products, ideas, tips, tools, etc.
3) They can make contact with others, and possibly set up joint ventures.
4) Website traffic and promotion.

Website promotion at forums means making postings, which contain a link to your site in the resource area (never in the body), so that readers will be persuaded to visit.

By answering questions and specializing in a particular area you will soon be recognized as a knowledgeable person or even an authority on the subject.

The idea is to come up with a TOPIC which would provide valuable and much wanted information. A topic with a big appeal. Even non-online topics like postcard direct mailing and newspaper advertising.

All day long, hundreds of thousands of people log into forums asking these type of questions:
· Where can I find…
· How do I…
· What do I need to…

You can participate in or initiate countless of topics around those questions. Remember people arriving in a forum are looking for answers so they are targeted leads.

The “ideal situation” is to have a post on your blog with valuable content, independent of hype, about a topic. Start a discussion, provide information, answer questions and let interested people “voluntarily” click on your link in the resource box.

Here’s how you can have an edge. Most people on forums are trying to promote their site, but using ineffective methods.
Do you think they would like to read a book which explains how to do it properly ?

And how to turn each posting into a profitable venture ? And would they like it more if the book was free ?

  • How to find exactly what forum visitors are looking for.
  • How to quickly create a resource that will answer their questions.
  • How to make superior postings to get people to visit your resource – with no hype and no ads and no affiliate links.
  • How you will profit handsomely from these visits.

Read and send out this book from Harvey Segal for free Forum Marketing Super Tips. Harvey is a top-notch author, niche and viral marketing expert, very well known in the Internet marketing community.

Important guidelines on how to work forums correctly.

Introduce Yourself. Give a little background about yourself and let other people welcome you into the site. Let them know you are genuine and gain their confidence.

Be yourself. People in marketing forums tend to come across different than they are in real life. Don’t.

Be low key in the beginning and don’t start posting your opinions or problems. The nature of forums is discussion, but things tend to get out of hand sometimes. Keep your cool.

Posting your expert opinion on something is fine, but never argue or attack others. It will backfire later.

Give freely and be helpful. Make useful contributions to these forum communities, sharing your knowledge, comments, and answers on marketing, working from home, home business, Internet, self development, you name it).

You may be on a forum with the main intent of promoting your site or product or service, but NEVER come across like a sales pitch. The best way is to give your knowledge freely and people will view you as a resource not some slick pitch artists and will start gravitating towards you. The business will follow.

Do not self promote. For some, self promotion can result in banning. Most forums have searchable profiles. If you mention a few times what you do (in a non promotional way), if someone is seeking you out, or begins to trust you, it is more than likely they will look up your profile to get an idea of what you posted before.

It takes a little time to build a connection and rapport within the community. The users of forums are protective of their environment. They will not communicate with someone not trusted. Take the time to learn the communication skills before jumping into forums marketing.

Browse these forums and simply take note of how others post questions and comments! Look for their signatures.

Here are 21 of the most popular “Money-Making” business forums to get you started quickly:

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