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Free MLM Leads are the dream of every networker. After all, leads are the lifeblood of the business, and when you can generate them for free it sets you apart from the crowd in this industry.

free mlm leadsThere’s no doubt that your ability to generatefree MLM leadssets the pace of growth of your network marketing business and it’s the #1 skill one must master.

You may be a good communicator, presenter and a caring person, but without daily, fresh MLM leads that are interested in what you have to offer, you’re a networker out of work.

Specifically, it’s important you learn to generate high-quality leads. When we say the words free MLM leads, many people think of MLM genealogy leads or MLM phone leads or some cheap MLM lead lists. Think again. I’m talking about you generating real-time, high-quality MLM leads for free online!

Those of us that can generate targeted free MLM leads with social media and search engines enjoy the most precious commodity a networker can have. No matter how you look at it, you are moving your business forward with 100% ROI (Return On Investment). That’s smart business!

Folks, it’s not rocket science. I will never understand why 95% of networkers sit and stare at a computer screen wondering where their next lead is coming from. There are millions of networkers online. They are friendly and easy to reach. You just need to know how to generate MLM leads for free.

Generating free MLM leads online should truly become a top priority for you.

Here are the best FOUR ways to generate FREE MLM LEADS:

1. EASY SEO – Writing SEO optimized blog posts it’s easy to do. And Search Engine Optimization is not the voodoo, snake oil, tricky stuff that’s been sold out there in the past years. It’s now a well defined simple science that can be learned in two hours and can generate predictable results, fairly fast. And YES, it’s very possible to rank on the front page of Google within 7-14 days for long tail keywords. There’s nothing like being on Google’s front page on the left links to get quality MLM leads. It only cost your time, about 30 minutes a day and some basic copywriting knowledge that you can learn online in a few hours.

The best way to generate MLM leads is with a blog.  This is really indispensable for online marketing. Start writing optimized blog posts just like this one. and you can generate explosive traffic with blog posts for free.

There are hundreds of network marketing subjects and keywords you can use. You can use this Google Keyword tool to research the traffic of each keyword.

By targeting MLM and network marketing long-tail keywords, your blog posts can show up in search engines with hardly any back links. You just need to understand how to craft very good on-page optimization. It’s elementary simple.  Just do a google search and a hour from now, you will know everything about on-page optimization.

If you have a good lead magnet in the sidebar with a decent free offer, you’ll catch all the quality MLM leads you want. Honestly, ranking optimized blog posts and generating free MLM leads is just not that difficult anymore.

2. Facebook. Millions of networkers have a Facebook account. Needless to  say working Facebook is a super viable way to generate network marketing leads.

a) “Facebook Marketing A-to-Z is a valuable ebook I wrote and I give it away free.  Tells you everything you need to know about the marketing techniques you need to generate the best MLM leads for free using your Facebook timeline.

b) Another way to generate MLM leads in Facebook is with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are becoming very effective and they are  fairly inexpensive. The average is 28 cents per click. The average click in Google costs about $1.50.  Now, of course this cost can be offset with a good marketing system that can generate money other than leads.

3. Video Marketing. Videos rank in search engines very well and it’s actually “the” fastest ways to generate free MLM leads. Remember, Google owns YouTube. Optimizing videos for network marketing related keywords creates traffic straight into your blog or capture page. Also posting videos automatically on many video networks create the most valuable back links to your blog posts. There are many video marketing course online for MLM. However, I will send you free video marketing information if you are a member of this list.

4. Instagram. According to Forbes Instagram is becoming the most powerful lead generation tool of all times. Today’s prospects are visual. Sure, it’s a good idea to write a bunch of valuable blog and social media posts, but your prospects want to see what you’re talking about. This is where Instagram comes into play. Not only are you sharing photos with your audience, but you’re sharing a personal, visual element of your brand in real time. It gives your audience a sense of culture and community. So, I will implement an aggressive Instagram Strategy. Check this post again for a link to a killer course. I am checking out a few right now.

By now I think you understand that almost every traffic discipline has a double wammer benefit: Creating direct traffic and at the same time raise the search engine position of your blog posts, which give you SEO free MLM leads, which are the very best quality because search matches the exact mindset of your prospect.

My recommendation to start getting lots of traffic is to take one of these four disciplines (the one you like the most) and master it. Then move to the next and the next. It will become easier as you go along to generate free MLM leads.

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