Global Information Network Review

What is Global Information Network and what does it claim to offer the public?

Global Information Network Review

Is Global Information Network A Safe Company?

According to the company, they are the only network that allows ordinary individuals to gain access to valuable information kept by an elite few that includes the members of several “secret societies” such as Skull & Bones, Bilderberg group etc. Global Information Network offers knowledge on how to earn money, make the right investments as well as be healthier.

Curiously enough their website doesn’t actually disclose anything on their website. One needs to pay a fee to get this information from them, around $150 to $1000 to join. Credibility wise this is a serious red flag in this industry. Yet people still buy into this because it plays on their desires to be part of something special.

So is Global Information Network a scam?

You really can’t make an assumption that GIN is 100% a scam, because there’s not enough evidence on their site to make it a final judgment. The only information they give on their site, is basically what they offer. They don’t get into any details of how they work, or what they do exactly, because it’s all classified information.

There’s not much evidence to say that GIN’s business is 100% false. However not giving exact details as to what their company does and how they work is not helping their cause to establish themselves as a legitimate company. The only way of knowing is to join their network and find out, yet this is risky. There is a high possibility that they might not deliver what they claim and prospective clients will lose their money.

In the MLM industry, it’s preposterous to limit information to clients only, even if the particular company considers it a marketing angle. This enables scammers to take advantage of a customer thru false advertising.

It is unwise to venture into an opportunity that isn’t clear with its business details.
Another question one might ask is how people earn at the Global Information Network opportunity. There are two ways actually, first is to become an affiliate and make $200 for every person referred to become a member or participating in their secret money making scheme. GIN members are reported to have additional bonuses like free trips and luxury automobiles. Information about what one needs to do to have this is “classified”.

As a customer gets more active he/she is promoted to a higher stage. There are 12 stages in this opportunity in total yet this could likely cost more than what was basically offered.

Lastly, can you make money in this venture? The answer remains unclear since the whole opportunity is vague. If this is something one would want to market then go ahead but be forewarned. It is better to be in a legitimate opportunity that may not offer as much but could guarantee revenues monthly. In the end, everything factors to YOU, you who will make the decision to enter Global Information Network and who will, in effect, be accountable for its success.

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