Herbalife Insight From A Birds Eye View

Rounding Up Herbalife’s Positives and Negatives

herbalife review picHerbalife’s ups and downs have caused the once great MLM country in question of its reliability, stability, and structure. Although they may be one of the longest lasting MLM companies, Herbalife has eventually sunk into ill repute of many people, especially where it originated, the US and Europe.

There exist countless reviews of the MLM company, and to judge Herbalife based on these is simply helpless, pointless. So, understanding that my readers have trusted my wise judgments on matters concerning the industry that you have gone as far to reading about Herbalife, I wish to make it truly simple and straight to the point as I can.

The reviews about the Herbalife all throughout the website are solid. Meanwhile more than one article is written to address particular concerns. At the top of my head, I would like to assert that Herbalife is no scam, while it may seem so. Despite Herbalife’s letdown in terms of product development, it seems uncalled for to regard Herbalife as a Pyramid scam.

Essentially, Herbalife went through what most businesses go through in their lifespan. With the wellness trend, Herbalife was due for competition at any given time, unless it invested more on R&D and in reviving its compensation plan.

Looking at the other ancients of the MLM, those that did neglect their outmoded pay-out plans went sank way quicker than the Titanic. Herbalife is one of these illustrious examples. To be fair, Herbalife did try to modify its compensation plan with various add-on opportunities to go up the ladder.

Unfortunately, doing it old school, Herbalife’s compensation plan pays more out to those who are executives, unlike the new MLM compensation plans. This isn’t the main reason for the classic Herbalife downfall but this, I would say, has contributed to it.

More compensation for the executives, meanwhile, less money went to product research and development. For instance, NuSkin did right by developing current and relevant products to keep up with the times.

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On the other hand, Herbalife concentrated on switching markets from the North America and Europe where they suffered ill-repute to Asia and South America where no reputation existed. While Herbalife still is not a scam, that maneuver of disappearing when times are hard as celebrities do during a scandal (save for Lindsay Lohan), sealed Herbalife’s fate for it.

Unredeemed to its initial market zones and good as gone, Herbalife lived the life of a convict in hiding. Sure, business did not seem to actually have stopped with operations running in South America and Asia, but taking the easy way out was simply a horrible decision.

Now, time is catching up. With the spread of the MLM industry, new MLM opportunities with attractive pay plans seem to draw out the crowd off Herbalife.

Herbalife must have freaked out. Instead of doing a top-to-toe business overhaul, tweaking is what it did. Herbalife tweaked the website, the products, and the compensation plan. Honestly, that just does not seem like an investment at all.

What I’d love to see is Herbalife undergo a full on makeover concerning the products, compensation plan, and marketing plan before it’s too late. If these MLM modifications for Herbalife were done this moment, I would only go as far as consider it. I won’t certainly be too worked up about it, and neither should all of you yet.

A Naturalist POV About Herbalife Products

As an MLM opportunity, you guys already know that I’m not crazy over Herbalife. There’s all this talk about lousy and outmoded products and an abysmal compensation plan. But there are new factoids about the products that are just daunting.

With Herbalife’s worldwide expansion, most of the rest of the world is familiar with their trade products in the weight loss and energy enhancement departments.

Recently though, they have added on products that aim at improving digestion, immunity, cardiovascular health, and beauty by supplements.

The flaw of Herbalife is deeper than MLM-related concerns. Within the product content, Herbalife is subject to still greater speculation. I myself am a naturalist, and I would never ponder on using Herbalife products for gains as energy boosting or weight loss, not that I need any of which.

Personally, eating a balanced diet helps keep up my energy levels-nothing of the simple carbohydrates, high-fat, and high-salt foods for me. As for weight management, I keep to working out 3-5 times a week and sleeping on time and at the right amounts.
These ends are quite easy, but with the new company information I have found out about Herbalife, everyone has to think twice about using Herbalife products as their means. Herbalife has poorly invested on their products.

Not only does Herbalife miss out on R&D for up-to-date products to keep up with the gazillions of competition in the wellness arena, the little research they do is even inadequate in as far as side effects are concerned.

Thus, many people are under the impression that Herbalife is all about results, and many consumers are quite concerned.

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Despite this, Herbalife and many other reviews would say that there are no disadvantages to product use or side effects. But conducting additional personal research on their ingredients in the label seems to say otherwise, just like in the Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix.

First off, sugar is the 2nd ingredient listed, which means it’s the ingredient with the second highest amounts in the product. In the form of fructose, a simple sugar, it’s even more detrimental. Fructose is processed in the liver and too much fructose is hard for the liver to process and hence, is converted to fat.

Also, unprocessed fructose is sent to the bloodstream triglycerides, and blood that’s high in triglycerides is a risk factor for heart disease. Fructose results to a feeling of unsatisfied appetite. So, fructose contributes to weight gain by leaving the body hungry and by converting excess fructose to fats.

Also, excessive fructose consumption may facilitate Type 2 Diabetes. There are other things like Herbalife products being soy-based which has been studied to be detrimental to the hormones and endocrine system when taken in excess.

Apart from that, 95% of the world’s soy are GMs, and Herbalife is less than initiative about identifying if it is or is not.

Finally, which I bet is not the last harm Herbalife products may cost, corn bran is also a highly genetically modified product, not also ignoring the fact that this particular shake mix is packed with fillers and additives. And what you want out of a health drink is no sugars, no fillers, PERIOD.

The bad thing is that proving Herbalife’s products are more the scam than the business itself is easy. The Herbalife shake mix is not the only thing that is in question. Almost all its products are in question; take the N-R-G tablets where the Guarana extract is drowned out by the caffeine content.

With that, I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t just get a caffeine boost from Starbucks. It’s bad simply because those are supposedly looking for healthier options besides coffee settle for this when all they will benefit from taking these N-R-G tablets is a possibly new addiction.

Besides, too much caffeine was never good. So, all in all, Herbalife’s lack of R&D is not only producing goods that are not just lacking in new technology, but, worse, is undermining side-effects that could be greatly harmful to its consumers in the short or long run.

As a consumer I personally would not opt for Herbalife for wellness as there are better companies who are truly more concerned about creating reliable products without threatening people’s health than formulating a marketing plan that will be beneficial to its leaders and executives. It’s not my call to judge if Herbalife is a scam.

Herbalife has a formidable history, I’ll say that. But as I’m not into consuming, endorsing or selling products or a company that’s short of my standards, as its products arguably are, which I all have to be doing with its products if I were to consider being a distributor for Herbalife, I will steer clear from Herbalife consumer- and distributor- wise.

Quite honestly, I’d go try other MLM opportunities that are more up-to-date and give equal benefits to distributors. However this isn’t an open-ended matter. For some this could be their opportunity, after all there are many people who unfortunately are all about results and couldn’t care less about side effects. Many people still believe in Herbalife products. This could be an opportunity for them.

Herbalife’s “Renewed” Opportunity?

Herbalife is an ancient empire in the MLM industry. And like the Romans, Herbalife rose and fell into stellar pieces, it’s almost untraceable in the U.S. But this didn’t stop Herbalife, it left its home and went into the untapped markets of South America, Asia, and Africa. From the looks of it, Herbalife has come back from its fallen state. This time, Herbalife presents new products and new marketing strategies.

But then again, it fell upon suspicion especially with the American crowd who are infinitely uninterested with the new face of Herbalife.

New website (Herbalife.com), new marketing plans, new products, and still the same lack of motivation from those in the U.S. who have been exposed to the opportunity a long time ago and hereon…this here is the tragedy of Herbalife.

This is because the quality and standards for Herbalife products are short in the modern technology of current wellness products that enable results while posing low to absolutely no risks. Certainly, plenty other products are better than Herbalife’s primary weight-loss and energy enhancement products which have nil of the risky ingredients.

With products as “loosely researched” as Herbalife’s, one would wonder what difference does Herbalife products have in contrast to overly-commercialized products. Even those products appear more thoroughly researched than Herbalife’s.

I mean soy research is relatively new and Herbalife shows no reservation with use of soy, even using it as base for many of its products. Caffeine for its energy boosters and high levels of fructose? Herbalife ought to create a category for its products like “un-wellness” or “risky quick fixes”. Yet, as to how effective it is remains a huge question mark.

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