KB Gold Business Is It Like Numis Network?

The KB Gold Business Review

Economies all over are suffering because of the collapse of the global markets. With this statement in mind, one should take into consideration what business to invest in. The KB Gold venture is one such MLM with high potential.

The Euro has not lived to its promise of being a solution to the economic recession plaguing EU countries. Many investors have then jumped into the gold market since this is the only industry that has continued growth and stability. Economists believe that economic troubles won’t be over soon, it would be wise to invest one’s money unto things that would become valuable for exchange later on.

It is a great business concept for an MLM to convert one’s savings into gold. Talk to anyone who knows a thing or two about the economy, they’ll definitely be interested and may even agree with the marketer. Convincing prospects won’t be hard since the product is uncommon and would fetch a hefty price.

Does The KB Compensation Plan REALLY Pay?

The principle of the compensation plan is simple, all that’s needed is for the client to build points to increase the percentage of the total volume earned. A marketer earns more profit as points get accumulated. As simple as that.

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There are two ways how to get customers buy gold thru one’s business as a KB Gold Business Distributor.

The first option is for the customer to purchase a monthly plan. For every Euro a prospect spends in gold, a KB distributor earns a point.

Second, points can be earned thru gold purchases at a distributor’s respective opportunity. Any interested party who will procure a large amount of KB Gold will entitle a distributor to 1 point for every 10 Euros worth of purchase.

Until a KB associate accumulates an average of 2,500 points monthly, he/she won’t be able to make much. It isn’t advisable to make this opportunity a full time job if the marketer can only maintain 1,250 points less.

Revenues generated won’t be enough to sustain a higher quality of life. However more perks are expected as points are doubled.

Interesting facts about KB Gold is how they manage their gold distribution. Within credit card type units, the company cases .5, 1 and 2 gram gold pennies.

The cards are accepted by over 5,000 corporations across Europe. Recently they began a campaign to expand their operations internationally. They’ve set up business in countries such as US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South America, Africa and India.

As world markets are turning more into the gold industry, this company provides a good business option for individuals looking for a great investment. And with its expansion comes increased opportunities for income generation. Although it would not be my first choice as a MLM business opportunity, this company was given good marks by industry insiders.

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