MLM Coach: How To Find The Right One For You

mlm coachFinding a great MLM coach can do wonders for your business. Who is better to learn from than someone who has been there and done what you aim to achieve?  There is a popular saying” ” No one is self-made” To succeed in network marketing, you need people to help you—to hold your hands and show you the way. You will get to your destination faster this way than when you are left to your own.

Everyone needs a coach. Athletes, actors, writers, engineers, entrepreneurs and Presidents of nations. Name any successful person you know and I will show you who their mentor is was.  Richard Branson, for example, was mentored by Sir Freddie Laker.  Bill Gates credit most of his success to Warren Buffet and Ed Roberts. Michael Jordan was mentored by Phil Jackson.  Denzel Washington was  mentored by Sidney Poitier.

Finding a good MLM coach that works in the trenches every day,  is very crucial to your success. He would guide you, offer you necessary advice, and keep you accountable when you are beginning to slack.

If fact finding an MLM coach first is more important than finding a program. If you are very, very lucky you can find both in the same place at the same time. I know I did in my first opportunity. But today this is rare. MLM coaches are always there to respond to your many questions and are bent on ensuring your success. And if you are lucky enough, you can make a solid friendship out of your mentor relationship.

Now who is a coach/mentor? A mentor is usually someone who has attained—or even surpassed—the level that you desire you attain. So, if you are hoping for 7-figure income , your mentor  should be a person who has achieved this income before. Not by luck, but with good sound principles and strategies.

A good MLM coach is hard to find. These steps can make the process a easier for you.

  1. Identify potential mentors in the program you want to join. This way you don’t have to go externally. First, you have to make a list of at least five MLM coaches that you desire to have as your mentor. Research some names of successful people in the company you want to join.  it would be great if you can pick an MLM coach that is within your geographical location as this would guarantee easier accessibility. However, with the internet, you can pick just about anyone as your MLM coach
  2. Offer your MLM coachsomething. One of the fastest ways to grab a potential mentor’s attention is to figure out ways you can use your skills and knowledge to be of value to them. Don’t be of the mindset that they know and have it all because they are such high earners. They don’t.  And trust me, you have something to offer them, even if you are new. Just be creative.
  1. Request their mentorship. Be clear that you have researched other people and chosen him or her as you mentor. This is not to flatter, but to establish a bond. After establishing an initial relationship make your intentions very clear, and start receiving mentorship advice and training. Make sure this person cares and you are not just a number
  2. Model you MLM coach. This means that you should try to emulate his way of doing things, his strategies, and methods. Read books written by him/her or listen to his/her tapes and recordings.  This person is successful at what you want to do yourself, don’t reinvent the wheel.
  3. Have a millionaire mindset. You should always try to think, talk and act like a millionaire. Successful people always have a mindset of positivity and this is something you must always try to imbibe in your journey to becoming the next celebrated superstar and MLM coach to others.
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