MLM leadership: Developing An Eagle-Like Attitude

mlm leadershipMLM leadership is a requirement to succeed in this business. Teachers are leaders.

When a mother eagle has her newly hatched eaglets, she manifests tremendous love, care, and security for it.

She ensures her eaglets have the most comfortable nest in a steep cliff safe from predators and cushioned with feathers with sufficient food for their growing needs, at least until they can fly.

An intense surprise happens not so long after all this show of love and support. Underneath the pad of feathers is a bed of hard and woody nicked briars, which will serve its purpose when the crucial time comes.

Behind the comfort the mother eagle is preparing her eaglets to fly – the first solo flight. The mother bird starts by flying into the nest as usual but then acts all mad and flails the babies’ soft bed of feathers anon, thus exposing the briars that laid underneath.

This abrupt change in the mother eagle is truly alien to the baby birds much more than the concept of thorny roots beneath the now gone feathery bed where they lazed only moments ago. More surprises to come as the eaglets scamper away from the barbed center towards the edge of the nest.

Mother eagle then takes advantage of the situation to shove her beloved eaglets right off the nest for a lesson that could not be done any other way. No conversation or negotiation, mother eagle brings her eaglet aloft and drops the clueless bird from a summit to teach it to fly.

For all of us, our life is analogous to an eaglet’s first solo flight. You’re never too young or ready for your first bloodcurdling free fall drop. Life neither sends a memo nor asks in a civilized manner, “Can I hurl at you a big one?”

Life allows us to suffer through hardships and trials. It’s all up to us how we’d react to them, which we don’t always get the first time, like the eaglet.

The mother eagle always keeps a watchful eye and right before the distressed birds are to hit the crashing rock and waves, mother comes in swooping and scooping the eaglet only to do the same thing.

We get knocked off on and again until we learn how to act and react the right way. Solve our own problems and conflicts. And when we finally do, this is the start of our maturity emotionally, spiritually, and emotionally. However, trials do not end when we learn to fly.

As maturing eagles, we have to be independent, survive and eventually provide for others. The trials just evolve, but as we already know how to fly, the succeeding hits and kicks from life shouldn’t be a big deal in terms of worry.

Like an eagle with perhaps the best MLM leadership development lesson known, you learn to fly by yourself and deal with the most ridiculous circumstance such as when your own mother propels you off a cliff.

With the lessons from a young eaglet and its crazy mother, you just allow life to throw you around because what life really wants is for you to learn to soar above anything and everything.

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