MLM Prospects: How To Get The Best MLM Prospects On The Internet

mlm prospectsWant to get the best MLM prospects for your network marketing business? Where do you get the best prospects, and how do you get them to look at your business opportunity?

Of course you heard it’s numbers game right? This is not a cliche. IT IS a number’s game and the bigger the numbers the bigger are your chances to find-high quality MLM prospects for your business. Yes, you do have to ‘work the numbers’ and you do have to continually build your list of MLM prospects, because not everyone is your prospect. You also need to get good at several approaches depending upon who you are connecting with.

Basically, there are SIX types of MLM prospects:

1. The newbies just entering the industry.
2. The forever undecided. People who’ve been around MLM for year and never did anything.
3. The beginners. People who had some training and made some small money.
4. People at your level.
5. People at higher level than you like 5 and 6 figure earners.
6. The superstars who made the multiple 6 and 7 figures incomes.

First, let’s cover how to find these people. The first way is through prospecting. This is when you approach people for your business. You initiate the contact. And the second is attraction marketing. This is when people approach you after you’ve gain visibility and trust online. Both can be done on social media. This is a good idea because you can actually search them, find them and contact them. Download this free ebook I wrote to learn how. For attraction marketing you will need a marketing system. Trust me, this is the best one online, click here.

The best MLM prospects can be broken down in three main categories: 1) are motivated individual and professionals that never did MLM. They are open to learn and don’t carry any baggage, 2) people who are currently in MLM and are looking for something new and 3)  people who are involved with an MLM company but are not quite sure if they are at the right at the right time and may be looking for better.

This is why it’s important to customize your conversations to individual MLM prospects based on their experience and needs. It all start by asking questions. When you ask questions do it in a way that sound like a conversation not an interrogatory. You want to find out where are they at, in this particular point in time, find out where their pain is, how deep is it and then fit them into your solution.

It is paramount that you work on your communication skills. The best communication and prospecting mentor I know is Jeffery Combs. This guy is really badass. I have been following for years and listen to his recording every day. He gives away an incredible amount of information for free. Just Google him.

Bottom line, when you learn the right social media approaches and you the right communication skill, there is no limit to the amount of high quality MLM prospect you can contact and sponsor.

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