MLM Recruting: Five Secrets To Sponsor More Reps

mlm-recrutingMLM recruiting can be the most powerful source of income you can find. If you’ve been following any MLM training for more than 6 months and you’re still struggling to find new customers and recruit new reps, I have five important tips for you that can help you.

Why is it that some people can recruit  new reps like crazy and build huge networks, while the majority  maybe recruit a couple of friends, then freeze and never more forward with their  business?

MLM recruiting five secrets that have helped me go from rookie to number one in record time

1. Stop pitching. Build relationships without an agenda. Ask questions. Be sensitive to other people needs and sincerely help them even when they are not ready to join you. Find out what their obstacles are and offer solutions. They will come back to you.

2. Prospect without worrying about the outcome. You can’t control who joins your MLM company and who doesn’t. Focus on the relationship not the sale. The sales will come.

3. Don’t push information down the your prospect’s throat. Ask questions about their needs, present problems and challenges. Get a good reading of where a person is at. Don’t pitch too soon. When you feel they are ready, ask permission to give them information and then do it.

4. Don’t hype. Stick to value driven information. Use facts, statistic and endorsements to substantiate what you say. Never mention your benefits. Always  refer to what’s in it for them.

5. Any prospecting call has to answer these questions:
a) Why should I listen to you?
b) Why should I join you now?
c) How can I benefit?
d) Can I do it?
e) How can I do it?

Overall, MLM recruiting  is an art and a science. Focus on your people skills more than your technical skills. I know people that are smart with internet technology and advertising but when they get on the phone with someone, they can’t connect. They say the wrong things and many actually turn people off!

In the early days I use to record myself and replay the tapes. You have no idea how many times I slapped my forehead and said: “I shouldn’t have said that,” or ” that didn’t sound right” or I wish I said that instead of the other.”

MlM recruiting skills can be acquired very quickly if you “tune into” your prospect and listen carefully to what you say. You CAN master MLM recruiting with consistent application.

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