MLM Sales Engine: When Will Congress Fix Our Economy! And Does it Really Matter to You?

MLM sales engine article is adapted from an article of and with the permission with Perry Marshall

mlm sales engineIn London last week, I was talking to a hotel events manager. He said, “Normally August and September are a tad slow around here. But we’ve been booked solid for almost 2 months now, and I don’t know why!”

Our own sales here at Perry & company started picking up noticeably in mid-August. The US Commerce Department reported that home construction jumped 10.5% in August. My take: things are in fact headed in an upward direction.

Meanwhile with mid-term elections happening in Congress, all the politicians are trying to convince Americans that, if elected, they will solve our problems. The polls indicate that very few people believe them.


Governments can make everybody on the playground play nice, but they’re never going to fix the economy. Why? Because governments don’t create anything. They can only give to you what they’ve taken from someone else.

–> My personal take on the recession and the economy and blah blah blah:

The #1 thing that’s going to pull us out of this is, quite frankly, the Internet. Not the thing itself, but the fact that you can find any kind of expertise or solution you can think of 24/7/365. What’s going to dig us out of the recession is the fact that it harnesses the creativity and resources of a billion people.

Case in point: If you need a piece of software written, you can get it done in Bulgaria or the Philippines in 1 week and it’ll only cost you $500.

The digital economy is so fluid, so resilient, with so many opportunities for modern alchemists, that whatever the big banks and politicians do is pretty insignificant. The Internet has no borders. It is bigger and more pervasive than any government or any policy.

But you can’t enjoy of this unless you have a sales engine in place. One that transports customers from casual interest to purchase – and does a BETTER job of selling them than almost everyone else in your space.

When you have an MLM sales engine, all the opportunities in the world magically open up to you.

If you don’t have a sales machine, go to the back of the line and wait for your government check.

I am heart attack serious about equipping my students with this most important of all things – a killer sales engine. I can help you own one of those.

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