MLM Team Building Without Friends and Family

mlm teamYour MLM team has 4 ways it can be built: online, offline, cold market and warm market. One thing is for sure. Sooner or later we all run out of friends and family. And now what?

This is when the real marketing starts.  No matter what, there is one thing that you absolutely must master, and that is telephone skills. I know a lot of top recruiters that use the internet. But they all utilize the phone. All of them. If you want to build your MLM team outside of friends and family then you need leads and communications skills.

After you generate the leads, your ability to call them and compel them is paramount. People just don’t sign up cold in MLM. They want to talk to you. Lot of times when  people hear “ marketing online” they think that it’s through Facebook automation or some sales funnel that sign up people automatically into their MLM team. That’s not typically the case. The system alone won’t cut it.

You can do marketing, you can create funnels, you can have capture pages, you can have all the fancy stuff  to generate leads, but you better learn how to connect with your leads, determine their needs and offer solutions to their problems. That’s where the magic happens. the problem is not in how to generate leads, because lead generations is pretty easy. Most people have a problem with verbal communication when building their MLM team.

Build your MLM team in two steps

First, I need to recommend that you talk to people you already know. If you are in something that you believe in, why wouldn’t you talk to your warm market?  I wouldn’t try to close them. You don’t have to hard close anybody. But just share something that can help them and that you believe in. You know why this is important? Because if you don’t have enough belief in your program to talk to people you know, then you don’t have enough believe to close cold leads as well. And that lack of confidence will show up in the conversation when you try to build your MLM team.

Second, after you’ve built your belief with your warm market now start generating leads and connect with as many new people as you can on a daily basis. Ask questions, solve problems and you MLM team will grow beyond what you can imagine.

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