Network Marketing Facts: It’s a Recession Proof Industry

Network marketing facts are clear. Network marketing has grown under any economic conditions, ever after the crash of 2008.

Network Marketing facts

Network marketing facts can be confusing at times on the web. But you should no longer doubt if to get involved or if it will work. There are network marketing companies as old as 120 years with sales in the multi-billions of dollars annually, some of which have created thousands of millionaires.

The top 100 MLM companies are responsible for 90% of the industry $187B annual volume

Of course not every network marketing company will succeed, but there are more successful companies now than ever before.

Network Marketing has evolved into the best business model for the current economy and the new internet marketplace. Unemployment is rising, millions are turning to a home-based business to supplement their income. In times of bad economy, more and more people get involved to generate income. There is not one recession in history that has slowed the growth of this industry.

Network marketing facts reveal that when Lehman Brothers went out of business in 2008 and marked the beginning of the economy crash, many industries went down like a house of cards, but not network marketing.

Many companies experienced growth as high as 24%!

The rising demand for products and services attached to compensation, coupled with million of people looking for supplemental income or for a better way of life is what makes network marketing economy proof. This industry has gone viral worldwide.

The boom has just begun; and network marketing fits very well into the internet culture. Network marketing is a business for all. We are involved whether we notice it or not every day of our lives. We recommend restaurants, movies, products and services everyday of our lives. As might as well get paid for what we recommend.

Network marketing is a business that appeals to many people because the start-up costs and on-going  overhead is very low and so is the risk. The industry is dominated by women (86%) who are career oriented or want make supplemental money working from home. Families can work together in the business, teaching the children about business, economics, finances and peoples skills.

The best network marketing companies offer  complete turn-key systems. Think of network marketing like owning thousands of small franchises worldwide. Look around, franchising is the most successful business model in the last 50 years. Network marketing has many close similarities to a franchise, but without the high cost.

The mainstream media is positively exposing network marketing  because of figures like Robert Kiyosaki (the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Donald Trump, Paul Zane Pilzer, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and many others. Warren Buffet calls it “the best investment I ever made,” when he purchased Pamper Chef. Some Hollywood  infomercial moguls and celebrities have owned network marketing companies. These huge names coming into the industry have helped legitimize once a misunderstood industry, which today has reach mass acceptance.

Author and business management expert Tom Peters, calls network marketing a revolutionary shift in marketing. Real estate billionaire tycoon Donald Trump owns part of aa $700M  MLM company. In his book with guest author Robert Kiyosaki “Why We Want You To Be Rich” he refers to network marketing several times as the business to join for long term stability and huge financial rewards.

I hope you make network marketing your life. It’s a safe move! It has proven the perfect decision for me and I enjoy the benefits since almost three decades.

Get all the network marketing facts you can get  and happy networking!

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