Network Marketing Income – It’s an Asset Not Just an Income

Network marketing income is residual. It’s why people join this industry. Residual income is not just an income it’s an asset. A property for stability, safety and freedom.

network marketing income

The #1 question I always hear when I attend a network marketing presentation is: “How quickly can I develop a network marketing income?” I don’t blame people for asking, especially when other distributors are sharing how much they are making  every month and make it sound so easy.

Network marketing residual income is a dream. I want you to fully understand why network marketing is an “asset,”not just “income.” Keep reading closely, this could be the most important post I ever share with you.

Earning income is a incredibly limited linear process, you work an hour, earn a few dollars. You work 2 hours and you earn the same. This type of income is highly dependent on your efforts, if you stop, the money stops. It’s not safe or profitable. Most people do not accumulate money this way.

It’s a trap, and most people assume the only way out is to work harder and earn earn more income. But earning more income doesn’t fix most situations; in fact often times earning more only creates a tighter noose.

Residual income is a tangible asset like a property. It takes a million dollar in the bank to draw 3,000 a year in interest or less!. So a $3,000 residual income is a million dollar asset, if that income is solid and long term.

This is how I think of network marketing and this is how you should think of it. Now it’s exciting.

The Network Marketing Income Faucet Never Stops Whether You Work or Not

Have you ever used one of those spring loaded water faucets that some public rest-rooms install to save water? When you turn the water on, you have to hold the faucet there, because when you let go, it bounces back to the off position. 98% of society’s income source works like a rest-room faucet, small amounts of money begin to flow, and then most let go, causing an end to cash-flow. Then you have to hold down the faucet again.

The type of faucet you want is a “Perpetual Money Faucet.” Once you have turned it on, it stays on by itself. Having income today, tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. It’s about securing income in perpetuity, this is passive income also known as residual income. Build a solid network marketing business ONCE and live off it a very long time. I talk from experience. I’ve done it.

This is how Robert Kiyosaki defines residual income

-Income that continues coming in, over and over long after you finished expending the effort and capital to create the source of income.
– Robert Kiyosaki


How Do You Benefit From a Network Marketing Income Asset:

An asset is something that works for you. When building a network marketing business, not only are you developing lifetime skills, you’re also building a real asset for yourself & family. If you work a job, you earn income. But in network marketing you build an asset that can can grow further or be sold like a property.

Network marketing is not about selling products. There is a huge misconception about network marketing that it’s a selling business. Being in sales is just a form of earning income, if you stop the selling activities the income stops. You are back to square one.

“The power is not in the product, the power is in the network.” If you want to become rich, the best strategy is to find a way to build a strong, viable, growing network.” – Robert Kiyosaki

It’s not about YOU selling a product, its for a lot of people to be their own best customer and sharing it with other people.

The Power of Your Own Network 

From the shipping magnates and railroad barons to Sam Walton, Bill gates and Jeff Bezos, the great fortunes of the world have been made by those who figured out how to build networks. Sam Walton didn’t manufacture goods for people; he built the distribution network that delivers the goods. Bill Gates didn’t build computers; he built the operating system that ran on those computers. Jeff Bezos didn’t go into publishing books; he created the online network that delivers those books.

Of course, most of us are not Thomas Edison, Sam Walton or Bill Gates and never will be. Yes, there will be handfuls of remarkable creative pioneers in every generation who create new multibillion-dollar networks from scratch, as these men did, but it’s not a reasonable ambition for tens of thousands of people, let alone millions.

That’s why network marketing is so brilliant, the companies that make up the network marketing industry now offer millions of people just like you the opportunity to build their own network rather than spend their lives working for someone else’s network. Start building your network marketing income today.

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