Network Marketing Strategy: The Law of 5%

Network Marketing StrategyThe biggest network marketing strategy I can ever share with you: The law of 5%. Building a business using the three who get three…who get three…network marketing strategy it’s not the way to get rich in network marketing.

Many networkers are still looking for the magic network marketing strategy  that will lead them to success…and most of the times they follow clichés or theories that don’t work in real life. Like going 3×3 and expect to get rich! Most people in network marketing sponsor three people and wait for the money to roll in.

Then they scratch their head in disappointment saying: How come they are not getting their three? Don’t they get it?  Darned lazy people! That’s because they’ve never been told the truth of what really works in the real world.

It’s not about what other people do, but what you do. The more your network marketing strategy is about controlling your own actions, the more money you will make. Sponsor 3 and wait for the to sponsor 3 is not a strategy . It’s about you taking massive action and let the 5% percenters come to the top.

What controls your growth is not your company, your product, your downline or your upline or going 3×3.  The best network marketing strategy is in YOU taking control.

What grows your business is focusing on the only THREE things you can control:

1.  Generate lots of real-time network marketing leads.

2.  Call your leads the same day. Don’t let them go cold.

3.  Follow up for the long term because networkers join when they are ready, not when you are.

That’s it! Think about it. That’s all you can control. Dive into those three things with all you’ve got and you can’t fail.


Here is the real network marketing strategy that works: You generate a lot of leads, start sponsoring like crazy and in that hurricane of action, the WINNERS (the 5% that get it,) will show up. And their five (5%) percenters will show up and so on…

You’ve got to start sponsoring and keep moving so the winners “appear” in your team, because without those five (5%) percenters your business will remain small.

To become a top producer you must become a top producer of leads and an agent of action. “Blinders-On” type of action and attract the 5% percenters to your business.

And when you drum that into the heads of your leaders, they duplicate you because you give them motivation that comes from you doing the deal and producing “visible” results.

When they see you running with the ball, the winners will start running with you “voluntarily.”

You never push and beg in this business. If that worked I would be a gazillionaire because I’ve done a lot of that in the days when I was untrained and naïve.

The “magic” is in you teaching and training your network marketing leaders what works for you, which is taking control and keep moving. What else can you teach, right?

I build multi-million dollars businesses (not one time, but over and over again through lead generation and controlling my recruiting. I recruited hundreds, then a few leaders showed up and raise to the top. Every time I do this, it duplicated into tens of thousands of reps. End of story.

That’s how duplication happens.

Don’t worry about 3×3, worry about generating leads, call them, duplicate the process and stay focused! Keep up enthusiasm and belief, keep on sponsoring and the rest will happen. At the end of the day the best network marketing strategy is your own dedication, action and results.

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Riccardo Ferrari is a former naval engineer. For years worked in the maritime industry as an officer on cruise ships. He is in direct marketing full time since 28 years and become the #1 income earner in five major direct marketing companies and top earner in several internet ventures. Along the way, worked as VP and senior consultant for several companies. Some were owned by billionaires, doctors and celebrities.