Network Marketing Tips – SIX Time Tested Strategies

These are six network marketing tips that can make an immediate difference in your business.

network marketing tipsNetwork marketing, once controversial and misunderstood, has now reached mass acceptance.

Today, even billionaires, movie stars and infomercial moguls are starting network marketing companies. I’ve seen many of them and consulted for a few. Network  marketing has always been a stable and growing industry. Even after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, which marked the beginning of the bad economy, network marketing remained one of the few industries that experienced  growth.

You can get tons of network marketing tips online, but these are essentials if you hope to build a  flourishing network marketing business:

1. Find a company where the owner have a time-tested network marketing background. Historically, they have the highest probability to develop a large, successful company. Always stay away from companies with owners coming from different industries who are just buying their way into network marketing without a full understanding of the field. Historically, they will make a messy hell out of your career.

2. Make sure the company has a great, exclusive product that sells well regardless of the opportunity and a compensation plan has easy qualifications to encourage retention.

3. Develop a deep expertise at generating leads online and offline right from the get go. Find an upline that has a proven lead generation system and can teach you to become totally proficient at generating your own targeted leads. Never buy leads. Having the “right type” of leads is a major key to your success. Your own self generated leads are the the best  leads for your business.

4. Become an expert at the call back. It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate every day. If you don’t know the right approach when you call people back, you’ll have a terrible lead/sign-up conversion rate, which can lead to disappointment and quitting. You must learn the right techniques based on proven studies and experience from leaders with a high lead/sign-up conversion rate. You can’t call people back rambling like a salesman hard pitching your product and opportunity. You’ll turn people off. There’s a 4-part winning sequence to approach the call back and deliver the information to a prospect in a way that leads to a sale.

5. Develop your “million dollar come backs.” People will shoot questions and objections to you like fire works on New Year’s Eve. Your prospects are powerful opponents. Sure, every conversation is different, but there are many, important, standard questions that come up during the prospecting process. Being prepared for best way to answer these questions based on proven techniques that have been narrowed down over years and can make the difference between defeat and victory.

6. Work like crazy to build a strong first 90 days story. If you take too long to produce some results, you’ll lose believability with your prospects and you will start making excuses for why you are not making money. Developing a $2,000 to $4,000 check in your first 90 days will catapult your whole career to a much higher position. If you miss the first 90 days threshold because of whatever the reasons, then re-sign yourself up mentally and start all over again.

Please share these network marketing tips with your team!

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Riccardo Ferrari is a former naval engineer. For years worked in the maritime industry as an officer on cruise ships. He is in direct marketing full time since 28 years and become the #1 income earner in five major direct marketing companies and top earner in several internet ventures. Along the way, worked as VP and senior consultant for several companies. Some were owned by billionaires, doctors and celebrities.