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How to pay “wholesale” for advertising in USA Today and how to advertise in multiple nationwide publications at a deeply discounted price.

newspaper-advertisingNewspaper and magazine advertising is very effective when done right. The best way to place newspaper and magazine ads is to go through an ad broker.

99% of the time the rates will be less than if you went to the source directly.

Look for newspaper and magazine deals that hit your target market and that have some “shelf life”.

USA Today has a weekend edition that’s on the newsstands for 3 days instead of just 1 day. Many other papers publish weekly instead of daily. Look them over, then give it a go.

1. American Classified – 129 papers to 4 million homes. Call 270-683-5557 (Lee)

2. Nationwide Advertising

3. Advertising Connection – 100 million homes. Call 800-326-3468 (Pam)

4. Wolfe Enterprises (SCAN Network, Home-Based Business Magazines and USA Today). Call Randy at 321-449-1211. You can also visit their website at

There are 5 BIG reasons I recommend advertising in USA Today.

Reason #1: Advertising in USA Today gives you HUGE exposure. It’s the #1 read newspaper in the USA, so it is seen by MILLIONS of people.

A standard weekend ad in USA Today costs less than $300 if you use

  • Excellent resource for running 4-line classified ads.
  • For best response use Friday edition ONLY.
  • Can be very competitive so research other ads first.

Reason #2: Another reason is that the USA Today Classified Ad Section is only included in the paper 2 times a week: Friday and Wednesday. This means you don’t have to spend tons of money to be in the paper day after day just to reach your target market.

There’s also a BIG trick here you need to know. USA Today is ONLY printed Monday-Friday! This means that if you place your ad in the Friday paper, it’ll be sold FOR 3 DAYS! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s like getting 3 days for the price of 1 and the reason I HIGHLY recommend only placing ads for this timeframe.

Reason #3: Another HUGE benefit is that USA Today’s Classified Ads Section is that it’s 90% Business Opportunities! This means that almost EVERYONE that reads the USA Today Classifieds is looking SPECIFICALLY for a Biz Op!

I look to the USA Today Classified Section first when I’m interested in seeing what other opportunities are being offered “out there.” This is great market research… And trust me, MANY other EXTREMELY successful Biz Op marketers do this to!

Because of this, advertising in USA Today greatly increases your chances of bringing very experienced marketers into your team.

Reason #4: USA Today’s Classified Ad Section is ALSO seen ONLINE!

This means that your USA Today Classified ad is not only seen in the printed paper, but also on their web site –, which gets LOTS MORE people seeing your ad!

PLUS, your ad will be seen in the Classified Ads Section of their website for several weeks.

Reason #5: The last great reason to test some ads in USA Today is that once you find some ads that work well with it, you can take those ads and now TEST them in OTHER newspapers.

I recommend you TEST everything from large newspapers, like your city newspaper, AND small newspapers, like your local Penny-Saver or other free local papers.

But, don’t limit yourself to your local papers. You’ll want to expand your reach more and more over time, and to do this you need to go nationwide! This is the direction you want to be thinking!

SCAN – Suburban Classified Advertising Network:

– 950 + suburban newspapers.
– Blanket the country with ONE phone call.
– Great place to run a proven classified ad.
– It’s fast easy and you only make one payment.

Below you’ll find a listing of the SCAN (Statewide Classified Ad Networks) and other sources to purchase offline and print advertising. You can place ads across every newspaper throughout entire states if you like.

Note: The prices below are accurate based on the time of this listing, but may be different depending on price increases.

Alabama State Wide Classifieds
$195 – 25 words orless. 850,000 Circulation.

Nebraska Classified Ad Network
$195 for 960,000 readers.

Arizona State wide Classified Network
$330 – 25 words or less in 90 newspapers totaling 2 Million readers.

Nevada State wide Classified Network
$149 for state wide advertising.

New England State Wide Classified Network
$275.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Arkansas State Wide Classified Network
Call for prices.

California State Wide Classified Network
Reach over 3 million Californians in Northern or Southern California!
Place a 25-word classified ad in 100 newspapers for $350.

New Jersey State Wide Classified Network
Run your ad in 151 papers with an estimated circulation of about 2.4 Million.
$399.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

Florida State Classified Ad Network
5 Million Readers – $475 for 1 ad

New Mexico State Wide Classified Network
Estimated circulation of about 240,000
$154.00 For Your 25 Word Ad

New York State wide Classified Network
$425 – reach over 3 million people.

Georgia Press Classified Network
130 different papers $300

Idaho State Wide Classified Network
$150 – for 52 papers.

North Carolina Classified Network
$315 – reach 1.7 million households.

Search Google to find many more…


The key to this type of newspaper advertising as with anything else is long-term consistency. Also keep in mind that the more frequently you advertise with Wolfe Enterprises the better the price. They’ll even design a display ad for you if you need them to. I highly recommend their services.

The right classified or display ad can swarm your website with gobs of targeted traffic. But, do your homework in advance. Go to a Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. and locate the business opportunity section. Pull the Biz-op magazines off the shelf and quickly go through each of them.

Take note of the ads that ATTRACT you (instantly) as well as the ads that are appearing in multiple magazines. These are (more often than not) the same ads that are proven winners for the person running them.

Now you’ll know who your biggest competition is, what they’re saying in their ads, and the offers they’re presenting to their prospects.

Use this knowledge to your (ethical) advantage!

One last thing to keep in mind when doing magazine advertising is that there’s a lag time of usually at least one month from when you place your order until when your ads come out in the magazines. For this reason it’s important to keep this in mind when coordinating your other advertising.

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