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newspaper-advertising-usfreeads receives a lot of traffic and I highly recommend you get at least their Gold membership for $10 a year (the $10 a month plan is even better if your budget permits).

You’ll need at least the $10 per year membership to be able to post your website links in your ads.

You get the best results with by placing FEATURED ADS.

Why? Because they get seen 100 times more than regular ads.

But, there are TWO more important secrets I want to share with you that will give you much more bang for your buck when placing ads with

Look at the screen capture above. I’ve circled other people’s featured ads that are running in the Business Opportunities, Work At Home and MLM section.

Now, you’ll notice that advertisers use a small attention-getting image next to their ad to stand out. You can find all kinds of attention-grabbing images like these by going to Google and searching for images under the phrase “cash” or “money” or “danger,” etc.

Here are the steps to start posting Featured Ads on

1. Sign up for an account at

2. Upgrade your account to at least a Gold member for $10 a year.

3. Create your ad headline and short description and place your ad ( I have some sample ad copy further down the page) .

These are some of the categories I like to place ads in:

*Business Opportunities – Investments
*Business Opportunities – Work At Home – Mlm
*Business Opportunities – Internet
*Business Opportunities – Work At Home – Work Online

4. Once you place your free ad, upgrade it to a Featured Ad. This can be paid for on a month to month basis, but I usually pay for a year up front to get the better savings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The longer you feature your ad for, the higher it appears on the category pages for more exposure! The ONLY way to guarantee your feature ad will start in the first position on the category pages is to pay and register it for 12 months. They’ll give you an extra month free by the way.

When you upgrade to a Featured Ad, make sure you choose “Yes – (add $3.95)” where it says redirect (see picture below). You’ll be asked which website link to redirect to after that, which is where

you can put in your website. When you choose to redirect in your Featured Ad, what this will do is when someone clicks on your ad headline, instead of taking them to a separate ad page on, it will automatically send them directly to your site where they can fill out the form and become a lead.

newspaper-advertising- instructions

You can place numerous Featured Ads on and have them all generating leads for you daily.

Free Online Classified Sites. If you’re working on a tight budget and have more time than money, then free online classified sites are a great way to get the word out on a daily basis.

A WORD OF WARNING: Don’t expect to place free ads every once in while. If you do it, you really must do this on a daily basis (at least 3-5 days a week). Place at least 10 – 15 ads per day (when possible).

I’m going to list a few of the many hundreds of free sites on the internet. Just do a Google search for “free online classifieds” to find all you could ever want.

You should post to these websites every single day! Some sites below may charge a small fee, but most are FREE:

Pennysaver Free Internet
Dayton Classifieds
Walmart Classifieds
D.C. Registry Domestic Sale Classifieds
Everyday Business
Online Free Business Ads

Find It Free
Find It Ireland
Flea Market
Free Advertising Forum
Free Ads City
Free Biz Ads
Classified Ads by

Free Classified Links
Trader Online

French Classifieds
Fresno Mall
FrogNet Classifieds
Classified Ads1000
FUW Flea Market Ads
Gems 4 Friends

Global SIC Classifieds

Grandfather Of All Links
Mall Classifieds
IIAS Free Classifieds
Infowaft American Classifieds
Inpa Free Classifieds
In The World Classifieds
In Vancouver Classified

New Classifieds
JoyAccess Free Classifieds
Kingdom Classifieds

KIS Group
Inc. Free Classifieds

Leading Edge
HIGH Traffic Classifieds
Louisiana Classified Ads

Los Angeles Weekly (10 Words Free)

Los Angeles Free Classifieds
Maine’s Classified Ads
Metro Online Classifieds
Minneapolis FreeClassifieds
Murrin Publishing
Classified Ads

Muskurahat Free Ads
MyLabuan Free Classifieds
NS Online – Nova Scotia,

Nelson Publications
Online Classifieds

Net Nickel

New Quest City National
Owl Classifieds
Outdoor Classifieds
Oz Free Online
Pinball Classifieds
Popular Web Ads
Portland Free
RLAJ Classifieds
Seattle Free Classifieds
Services/Opportunities Ads
Shopping Solutions
Shop @ The Mall
Classified Ads
Classified Ads

Small and Home Based
Business Links
Spilled Ink
Top Free Classifieds
US Net Ads
Vancouver B.C. Free Classifieds
Vancouver Web Page Classifieds

Want Ads Online
Websitings Free
Classifieds World Classifieds

WWBCity Classifieds

1 Stop Free Internet
1st Place Classified Ads


A World Of Classifieds
Ablewise Ads
Absolutely Free Internet

Classified Ads

Access Free Classifieds

AdLand Pro
AdMart UK
AdNet Classifieds
Adnet Plus
AdQuest 3D

Ad’s Online
Ad to Ad
Ad Track Free Classifieds

Adverts 4 All

Alana’s Online Ads

Alaska Free
Rose Free Classifieds

American Ads
Bangladesh Free Classifieds

Barn Sides
Beat Your Price Classifieds
Best Mall
Blue Mountain Internet’s
Free Ads
Canadian Classifieds
Cave Junction
Central California Ads
Reader Classified Ads
Free Classifieds

Classified Club
Classifieds Live
Classifieds 2000
Classifieds For Free

1 Ads Online Classified Advertiser
1 AmericaMall
Black Hills Classifieds

Canada Classifieds
Australia Classifieds
New Zealand Classifieds
Singapore Classifieds
Malaysia Classifieds
Hong Kong Classifieds
Hong Kong Ad

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