Online MLM — Three Major Pains of Growing Your MLM Online

online mlm Online MLM is becoming more viable in recent years with the explosion of social media and friendly tools. However there are some serious traps to watch for.

I’m going to break down the three major obstacles you need to overcome if you plan to build a fast-pace MLM business using the internet.

Obstacle 1 — Online MLM Information Overload, The Affiliate Marketers Invasion

If you are completely new, I highly suggest you read this carefully. Every day, I see thousands of newbie  get taken for a ride, but not a joy ride, the type of ride that milks your pockets and leaves you broke in a blink of an eye.

Information overload  will take over you like a volture, not because the information is hard to understand, but because we have a huge dilemma in our niche, their called “Affiliate Marketers.”

An Affiliate Marketer is someone who does not have a “downline.” It is someone who just writes about network marketing pretending to be an expert, but never really has built a business in network marketing. They will say whatever it takes to make you buy from them, but they are not your mentor nor will they be there to support you.  They will try to sell you course after course about online MLM  and keep you dependent like an addict.

It’s imperative that you keep this on a sticky note attached to your computer monitor at all times, especially when you are seeking training and resources to build your business. Many of the websites  and product you encounter do not have accurate information that will help you build a network marketer business. They are designed to spin you into affiliate marketing (aka computer slavery, online job and no residual income).

Not all information is inaccurate, but go search the word “network marketing” all the content you read is written by affiliate marketers who have no DOWNLINE, NO RESIDUAL INCOME, but they dominate the keyword and  write like they have made millions in network marketing (example below).

I’ve seen almost every stinking site out there, it’s disgusting. A effective way to overcome this obstacle is to follow marketers like myself who do what they teach and  will always be straight and honest with you. The information I hand to you via my blog and publications has cost me thousands of dollars and years to learn.

Another great way is to follow marketers/trainers outside of the “online mlm niche” people like: Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, Clayton Makepeace, Ryan Deiss, Perry Marshall, Michel Fortin, etc. They are exceptional online marketers with real businesses and will not feed you lies and rubbish. They are real.

Obstacle 2 — Not Understanding How The Online MLM Niche Works

It amazes me to see people come online, implement a few simple techniques and then get stuck. They get stuck because they do not understand how the online MLM niche really works. The online MLM niche is driven by the amount of people using the search engines to seek and purchase information.

People in this niche are always looking primarily for  leads and how to information, not necessarily an opportunity.

A keyword is what a search engine visitor types into Google, Yahoo, Bing seeking further information about that specific “topic”.

In the example above I used the keyword “network marketing”, to show you just how big this niche is with thousands of people searching every day. But what is exactly that they are searching for? Most likely not the company you represents right now.

It’s paramount to understand that marketing your opportunity online does not have legs. Online it’s about marketing information and then back-ending people into your opportunity.

Of course a lot of online marketers know this, but few can position themselves with authority and real valuable information.

Ostacle 3 — Understating How To Profit By Leveraging The Online MLM Niche

Before you create a profit online its vital you understand the fundamentals of online marketing. Learning how to build a network marketing team online is like learning to play a new sport, master the fundamentals first and the rest will come.


1. Content makes the internet exist. Content is the new lifeblood to your network marketing business. This is what people will see/read that will bring them to you, and want to join your business.

Copywriting is your ability to communicate with and compel search engine visitors through writing. You don’t have to become a “guru” copywriter, but the better you write and the clearer you communicate your meaning, the more money you will make leveraging the MLM niche.

2. Every keyword that is searched is associated with a unique  customer’s mindset. The type of keyword will determine how many steps you have to put that visitor through to get a final sale, for us a sale is a new distributor.

Example: Keyword – “network marketing”

A person searching this keyword, a person is most likely in one of these mindset frames:

–  I’m new to network marketing, whats this all about?
–  My friend mentioned something about making money from home using network marketing, but I heard  it’s a scam or a pyramid?
–  I just want more information about this industry before I get into it.
–  Where and how I find people for my network marketing business?
– Are there videos, books  or audios that would appeal to me?
– How can I avoid making cold calls?

Ask yourself: what would you sell when targeting this keyword?

3. Traffic generation: Without traffic you don’t have an online business. Traffic can be created in many different ways. Free traffic is my favorite and you can read more on how to generate free MLM leads.

Here is the best graphical explanation I can give you to simplify the process of generating traffic:

This is a lead generation funnel. It begins at the top with “Traffic” and it funnels to having people join your primary online MLM business.

The more traffic you generate the more leads you produce. As you continuously pour more leads into the funnel the more cash-flow you create and the bigger your business grows.

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