Will Join i5 Last In The MLM Industry?

Join i5 What The Heck Is This Company All About?

Join i5 is a new MLM company. In fact it is so new that the only things on the Join i5 website are “About” and “Join” tabs like the website is only on its development stage.

There also is not that much information outside the company’s website and further digging was necessary. Several reviews and forums about Join i5 really intrigued me about the opportunity and what I found out was very interesting. After much research on Join i5, I can conclude even on the onset of this review that Join i5 is not a scam.

It is an MLM that many prospective MLM nube distributors can sample for network marketing experience. More importantly, Join i5 has a mission. It’s more appropriately a “movement” than an MLM company really. Join i5’s system, charities, and compensation plan are quite attractive.

I’ll give you a closer look.

Join i5 stands for “Join and Invite 5”. Join how, right? First, you have to go to their website and sign up for free. Afterwards, as a member, you are asked to choose a non-profit organization with which you are to share your click earnings. Profit and philanthropy-awesome concepts put together for a business venture. Then, the member is provided with a browser widget that provides them with selected advertisement.

This is how you essentially start earning with Join i5. The member clicks, views, and rates the advertisements on a 5-star scale. And if you opt to share the ad with others via a share button in the advertisement window, you can share the ad with social networking sites. In other words, it’s a pay-per-click gig.

Helping while profiting with Join i5 is a no-guilt way of making a living. But here’s another question…

Can Join i5 Create Residual Income For You?

Here’s the gruesome truth. As with other pay-per-click companies, many clicks, views, and rates for ads are necessary for a decent pay. And get this, the minimum earned is $10 before a payout can be made. That statement alone is frighteningly worrisome.

It’s a subtle statement saying you can’t take out your money unless you make $10, as if it’s hard, which leads me to an affirmation that it is. What do you really need to do in Join i5? As was mentioned, you join and i-nvite 5. The PPC payout is nominal, so earning a significant income requires virtually innumerable number of clicks.

So Join i5 encourages the member to multi-level market seven levels deep, from whose PPCs you would also be earning. With team effort, profits more than $10 wouldn’t be so hard to achieve.

With Join i5’s compensation plan, we arrive at 4 figures a month possibly with 5-10 ad viewings and ratings per day, and 5-10 similarly to your 5 downlines across, (ehem) 7 levels deep. Therefore, without that complete structure, Join i5 may not be worth your time. But, as I have said earlier, Join i5 is an MLM with a worthy cause and is far from a scam.

Why? Because it requires no initial investment. What could make the difference is an effective system for generating numerous leads that you can supply your downlines, and your downlines’ under structures and so on. Join i5 is easy and not so demanding with only 5-10 ads to rate and view, except for the demand of downlines.

It is a low-risk endeavor because it’s FREE. And with a perfect MLM structure 5 levels across, 7 levels deep, you can earn decent 4-figure income. Join i5 is going to be quite a challenge for the goal of 7-figures, but, every MLM has their own challenges…so why not.

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