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I love nothing better than teaching what I have learned to those who are eager to make it.  After nearly three decades full time in direct marketing – offline for 15 years and online 13 years – I’ve already made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. If you want to succeed without, trial, tribulation and time wasting, we need to connect. As the #1 producer in several direct marketing marketing ventures I have built patterns and formulas that work over and over again and I believe are unique in the industry.

You have several way to access my knowledge and experience.

1. Read my posts. I don’t hire writers. I write them myself. I teach what do every day.
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riccardo ferrari

Riccardo Ferrari is a former naval engineer. For years worked in the maritime industry as an officer on cruise ships. He is in direct marketing full time since 28 years and become the #1 income earner in five major direct marketing companies and top earner in several internet ventures. Along the way, worked as VP and senior consultant for several companies. Some were owned by billionaires, doctors and celebrities.