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If you still believe in the lies and soundbites of yesteryears that some people still float around this industry, like

  • “Bitcoin is the currency of criminal and drug dealers,” or
  • “The government will soon crack down on cryptocurrencies,” or
  • “It’s just a digital code backed by nothing,” or
  • “The false narrative spread by ignorant journalists of Time magazine (who hate anything that’s good) that bitcoin  has a high risk hacking, while in essence the bitcoin blockchain was NEVER hacked because of its ironclad security,”

then you seriously need to spend some time on this blog. The industry is long passed way beyond those issues.

This blog is designed to publish articles that educate entrepreneurs and investors about cryptocurrency beyond basic curiosity, and specifically how to capitalize on this industry. And most of all, debunks myths and misunderstandings. I’m here to divide the facts from the noise, keep it simple and help you to trust cryptocurrency so you “majorly” escalate your income.

There is too much at stake to get stuck in misinformation.

Cryptocurrency is complex. This blog aggregates a lot of research and breaks it down into simple terms. If you don’t yet understand the credibility that cryptocurrency has now gained, the massive adoption that is taking place, and why this represents a unique chance in our lifetime,  you will miss the greatest opportunity of the 21st century.

If you missed Bitcoin when it escalated from $8,800 to $64,000 in one year in 2021, or Chainlink when was worth $0.36 and grew to $43 (a $1,000 investment would have made $119,440), or AAVE that grew 9,513% in the last two years, then it’s time to get the facts.

This industry is in a different space now. It has matured and gained wide acceptance with major financial institutions, like Fidelity, JPMorgan, Blackrock, Bank of America, VISA, PayPal, Square and 825 other institutions in the US, Europe and many others in Asia and India.

At street level already 46 millions Americans own cryptocurrency. 44% of millennials (the largest U.S. demographic) choose Bitcoin as their first investment.

This blog specifically covers articles on the TOP 20 most crucial cryptocurrency subjects:

1. How Bitcoin works and what was designed for.
2. The meaning of true decentralization, security, immutability, fixed issuance and finite production.
3. Bitcoin is “hard money” and it’s more valuable than gold.
4. Bitcoin cannot be hacked.
5. No Government can shutdown Bitcoin.
6. The government regulatory issue is not a threat to cryptocurrency.
7. Bitcoin is not the currency of criminals. Bitcoin related crime are minimal.
8. Bitcoin is not as anonymous as people think. Regulated exchanges now require customer identification.
9. Bitcoin mining is moving out of China and everyone likes it!
10. Fidelity confirms that 75% of Bitcoin is now mined with green energy, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal power.
11. Why is Bitcoin worth 10 times more than the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum.
12. Why when Bitcoin is up all other crypto coins go up and when it’s down all other coins are down as well.
13. There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap.com, what are they? Are they valuable?
14. What are DeFI, asset-backed, pass-through, NFT, and clea-coins currencies?
15. What are the different methods to earn money with cryptocurrency?
16. Do you have to tie up money for a long time to make a killing with crypto? Or can you earn monthly?
17. How difficult is it to build a valuable and growing portfolio?
18. Cryptocurrency is strong enough that you can invest a fairly small amount of money and quit your corporate job.
19. What would it take to make $300k you first year in cryptocurrency?
20. Where will cryptocurrency be 50 years from now?

I hope you spend some time here, you will build confidence and trust in cryptocurrency and get to the bottom of all your questions.

I’m here to help.
Riccardo Ferrari

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