Bitcoin Ownership Is Growing, 46 Million Americans Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin Ownership Is Growing, 46 Million Americans Now Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin Ownership is growing fast around the world. In 2021 bitcoin ownership distribution reached 46 million Americans. Bitcoin is also the first investment choice of 46% of young adults.

The impressive figure was reposted by notable Bitcoiners including MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who tweeted: “The finance industry is taking crypto mainstream by building Bitcoin into their insurance, banking, & investment products. Newsweek says 46 million Americans now own Bitcoin.

In a survey conducted by the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), about 75% of the respondents said they wanted to learn more about Bitcoin ownership as annuities and Bitcoin life insurance.

A majority (53%) said they didn’t own digital assets, but 55% of those said they would consider adding bitcoin and other cryptos to their portfolio.

The survey included a national sample of 1,050 U.S. consumers with an annual income of at least $50,000. Data were weighted for age, race, sex, education, and geographic location using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to track the demographic composition of the United States.

A survey of 1,000 Americans by MagnifyMoney, a division of Charlotte, North Carolina-based LendingTree, found that 62% of crypto investors believe they’ll get rich.

Bitcoin ownership distribution is still uneven and has ways to go. Only 2% of baby boomers own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Gold still trusted over Bitcoin, but the gap is closing. Bitcoin is up roughly 68,189,500% since its start in 2009, while gold is up 105% over the same period.

A LendEDU survey of 1,000 Americans conducted with research firm Pollfish on April 21st, 2021 shows data on gold vs. Bitcoin investing preferences.

  • A better investment to maximize profits? 56% said bitcoin, 33% said gold.
  • A better store of value to protect against inflation? 50% answered gold (including 67% over the age of 54), 39% answered bitcoin.
  • $50,000 initial investment to build a retirement nest egg? 45% would put it in gold, 42% said bitcoin.
  • $50,000 initial investment strictly to maximize profits? 49% want it in bitcoin, 37% prefer gold.

Overall, Americans thought bitcoin ownership was the better speculative asset and the better investment to maximize profits. These results were not  surprising; bitcoin has periods of monumental gain that make it a salivating buy for aggressive investors trying to make a profit.

I’m researching Bitcoin ownership by country. Will post it soon.

Riccardo Ferrari

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