Is Today Financial Security Impossible Even At $500K A Year?

Riccardo Ferrari - Financial Security

My definition of financial security is having an unshakable income that can stand strong over time, enough to pay your bills and lifestyle without having to work for the rest of your life.

Today, for most professionals,  even with a high-paid job or a viable business, financial freedom may no longer be possible.  I believe that in the times we are living now, these high prices and an runaway inflation are not temporary. In fact, it will get worse. A government can’t print $9 trillion in two years and get away with it. And we learned how fragile our life is, susceptible to economic crashes, pandemics, rogue administrations, socialism, high taxes, unfriendly laws, downturns and rapid change.

Inflation will accelerate, as it did in the U.S. in 1980 and in Germany in 1920. When hyperinflation comes so fast and so high above 5%, the damage is done. Most people’s savings and pensions are going to evaporate. This time it will take decades to recuperate. There are no Volckers or Reagans on the horizon today.

Now a $500K a year professional will save barely over a million dollars in 30 years and cannot maintain the same lifestyle. Just the opposite, it would scale back to barely a middle-class lifestyle or even less. breaks down the expenses and financial planning of a couple making $500k a year in most US states. The analysis puts the average savings after expenses at $4,500 a month. In 30 years that’s $1,440,000. Adjusted at 45% inflation (if inflation is 1.5% a year, right now is 8%!) you are left with $972,000 in purchasing power and maybe much less. 

If you have saved $36,000 a year in a 401K at 6% you have $216,812. If that 401k doesn’t get wiped out by a  crisis like 2008 and the one that’s coming. 

Hopefully, you are smarter and made more powerful investment decisions than a fragile 401k, or stock market or real estate investments that can crash at any time.

To truly achieve financial freedom, you have to step out of the conventional, stop talking to financial advisors and their 6% return crap and carve your own fortune.

It’s crazy not to have a plan B  and aggressively grow money faster.

After 28 years in business and 15 in investing, I speak from experience. Trying to accumulate money with conventional investment mediums is like watching paint dry. Even if overall I was doing well, at one point I reached the conclusion that I would never really come off the hamster wheel, kick back and enjoy total security.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I reached a higher level of understanding, built the right relationships, and studied the methods to take my financial life in a direction where I could fully control money accumulation. With cryptocurrency, I found a way not to EVER depend on a business or people or the economy or worry about disasters or crises. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have a different speed, energy, leverage and outcome.  All you need is information, trust and willingness to engage.

 If complete financial security is your goal, and why shouldn’t it be, then you need to plan your exit from the corporate world, and look beyond a mere 6% to 10% investments. It starts with mindset.  Because you will need to think differently and do things you never did before. But you will enjoy the sweet taste of financial freedom and never worry about money ever again.

Your first step is to rethink money and find ways to accumulate it faster. 

  • The model of having a job or a business (which is also a job) save money and then invest it in
    401k or IRA at 6%/yr. 
    Gold at 2%/yr. 
    Real Estate at 7%/yr. 
    Mutual funds at 5%/yr.
  • S&P 500 10%/ yr.
  • Hedge Funds 7%/yr
    is a model that will never lead to financial stability.

 Cryptocurrency has enormous kinetic power and leverage the stock market, gold, real estate and equity funds don’t have. I  help entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives to use a relatively small amount of money, into life-changing monthly dividends.

I help investors understand why cryptocurrency is the “forklift” they need to get much more from their money.  How to stop being short-changed by the current deficient, inflation-ridden, manipulated, economy-dependent, declining, centralized financial markets. Embrace innovation for better profits.

To your success!
Riccardo Ferrari

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