Cryptocurrency Leverage Is Your Escape From The Corporate World

Cryptocurrency Leverage Can Help You Escape The Corporate World

Cryptocurrency leverage has destroyed all other conventional investment vehicles by far. You cannot compare the S&P 500 15.86% return in the last 5 years with Bitcoin at 12,500%. In the shorter term, the last two years we’ve also seen powerful DeFI (Decentralized Finance) cryptocurrencies undergoing extreme growth, like
1,900% Ethereum,
2,000% Cardano,
1,850% Polkadot,
6,700% Chainlink
and in 2020
9,503% AAVE,
5,518% KSM,
3,593% CEL.

Let’s say, you are a corporate executive making $250k a year and you have managed to save $500k over the last ten or fifteen years. First of all congratulations because very few people would save that much on a $250k income. Investing 50% of your savings in the S&P 500 (historically the best and safest investment) at 15% 5-year average (10% 10-year average), would make you $37,000 a year before capital gain taxes if 15% a year sustains. You are not leaving your job. Especially when you have to consider an occasional negative year. In 2018 the S&P 500 lost 6.5%.

Let’s further say, you are new to crypto and don’t feel like researching and risking purchasing cryptocurrencies with a potential of 2,000% return, which is speculative, even if highly probable in many cases. If you chose a slower but safer investment fund at 60% yr., you would make $150,000. If the fund compounds monthly, by the third year you would make 136% or $340,000 a year. Now you are departing the corporate grind with a grand exit and leaving your coworkers in awe.

The scenario I presented it’s just not possible outside of cryptocurrency. This is the road I took. Do I also buy coins with 2,000% to 5,000% growth potential? You bet I do. I have deep connections in this industry and expensive crypto investment club memberships. But I only invest spare money, not bread and butter money. As the spare money grows, I reinvest 75% back in the compounding fund and the smaller portion in new high-potential coins. There’s great stuff happening out there. 

Bottom line, cryptocurrency leverage can give you a dream life. It’s the forklift that can get you out of financial insufficiency. You just need facts, confidence and method. This industry is here to stay and getting better every day.

There are 5 ways you can profit with Bitcoin and crypto:

1. Buy and hold Bitcoin and other coins long term. In any year period, Bitcoin was never worth less than the previous  year, except in 2015.

2021 $29,391.78
2020 $7,188.46
2019 $3,869.47
2018 $13,412.44
2017 $997.69
2016 $434.46
2015 $313.92
2014 $770.44
2013 $13.30

2. Learn to trade. Maybe a grind to learn in the beginning, but highly profitable.
3. Invest in an institutional crypto index fund like Galaxy or Fidelity. They treat you like an hedge fund. Galaxy paid 17% in 2020. The way I see it, they keep all the compounding and you get the crumbs.
4. Invest in a monthly trading/compounding fund with at least 5% a month return.

Given what’s happening in the world and our government today, with high inflation, high prices, high risk and low yields, I believe cryptocurrency leverage is the only true source of financial security now and in the future. It’s encumbered upon us to keep control of our future. Without cryptocurrency we control nothing.

If the current state of the world has impacted your income or you’re worried about stability, then take it as a wake-up call. You have the power to build income security with cryptocurrency, and you should. Professional, financial and social decentralization is the future reality for all of us.

Facts and evidence can  give belief and confidence, the right mentors can give you the method and encouragement you need to take your life to a better place.

Riccardo Ferrari

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