Riccardo Ferrari

I’m an investor who also helps accredited investors to better understand the markets and restructure their position in the current Fed-manipulated and inflated financial markets. In the last 5 years, since 2018, my associate fund outperformed 3x to 5x average market earnings, every single year, without one negative month. Battle-tested even through the 2020 pandemic and the 2022 stock market crash.

Everyone seems to know the stock market is rigged and the current returns are not real. But do they? And do investors know what to do about it? The 60/40 portfolio, once a solid staple, can turn into a liability at any moment. Bonds once the “safe investment” lost as much as 39% in 2022. The NASDAQ and S&P500 topped in 2021, crashed in 2022, and have not recuperated yet. Foreign countries are no longer buying US bonds. The US now has to print $2trl or more to pay its bills. The US debt spiral is in free fall.

I help investors in rethinking allocations alternatively to the stock market. There are exclusive equities that produce a lot more in any market conditions, like 30% to 40%. The problem is that funds like the Renaissance Medallion Fund of James Simon (47% yr.) and the Duquesne Capital Fund of Stanley Drukenmiller (30% yr.) are close to the public. Other top hedge funds, may return 30% to 40%, but take $1M to $5M to partake. How can they be so consistent for 20 years even when the markets are bad? Make no mistake these people have rare, superior knowledge. You must be lucky to find one of these funds and get in at the early stage, have a good history, and are still open.

Here is your chance: I partnered with a $250M private equity that has this capacity and doesn’t cost a million to join. It’s still small but not for long. It has returned 38% for five years in a row since 2018.  It’s an institutional private equity with clients like banks, institutions, and billionaires. History doesn’t represent the future. I cannot guarantee future returns, but a five-year history at 38% even through the worst times in history, is meaningful and should count for some comfort.

About me: My original background is in naval engineering. After college, I worked on NATO vessels. Later I was a bridge officer on oil tankers and cruise ships. While at sea, I studied for a Master’s in international economics and political science. In the 90’s I started a marketing consulting firm that over 20 years had several high-profit ventures. In 2012 I jumped out of the corporate world and became a full-time investor. After 12 years of success, I can share information that can save investors, time, money, and mistakes in this torrential nature of the markets.

Let’s connect soon.

Riccardo Ferrari

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